300 hour Yoga Teacher Training

300 Hour Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Training

300 hr Yoga Instructor Training Class

Urban Bliss School of Yoga’s 300 hour therapeutic yoga alliance teacher training, is an advanced training course to continue building your expertise and understanding of the holistic study of yoga. This program helps the participant deepen their understanding of yogic philosophy. It also promotes the ability to embody the information learned in the 200 hour on a deeper level. During the 200 hour program, participants learned about the Yoga History and Philosophy, the Eight Limbs of Yoga, Asanas and the Four Paths of Yoga. Urban Bliss School of Yoga’s 300 hour therapeutic program was designed to help the instructor become a practitioner, a healer of the mind, body and spirit.


Topics covered during our 300 Hour Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Training:


Weekends 1 and 2 of the Yoga Teacher Training

  • What is Yoga?
  • 8 Limbs of Yoga
  • View of Chakras East/West
  • Observing Student
  • Assessing Student
  • Teaching with Compassion
  • Appropriate Use of Props
  • Anatomy Review
  • Yin Yoga Sequence


Weekend 3 of the Yoga Teacher Training

  • Restorative Yoga
  • Judith Lasater: “Relax and Renew”
  • Postures and Props
  • What is Stress?
  • Anatomy of Anxiety
  • Restorative Sequence


Weekend 4 of the Yoga Teacher Training

  • Who is Iyengar?
  • Props: Walls and Chairs
  • Eyal Shifroni: “A Chair for Yoga”
  • Suza Francina: “Healthy Aging”
  • Who is Iyengar?
  • Student Sequence


Weekend 5 of the Yoga Teacher Training 

  • Yoga for Arthritis
  • Loren Fishman: “Yoga for Arthritis”
  • Anatomy of a Healthy Joint
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Forms of Arthritis
  • Contraindications
  • Student Sequence


Weekend 6 of the Yoga Teacher Training

  • Shoulders and Hips
  • Anatomy
  • Causes of Shoulders and Hip Injuries
  • Poses and Props
  • Client Evaluation
  • Student Sequence


Weekend 7 & 8 of the Yoga Teacher Training

  • Lumbar and Cervical Spine with SI joint
  • Asanas to Alleviate Pain
  • Anatomy
  • Poses
  • Props
  • Observation
  • Assessment
  • Student Sequence


Weekend 9 & 10 of the Yoga Teacher Training 

  • Women’s Yoga
  • Who is Geeta Iyengar?
  • 3 Stages of a Woman’s Life
  • Hormones
  • Inversions
  • Student Sequence


Weekend 11 of the Yoga Teacher Training 

  • Cancer, Addiction, Depression, Parkinson’s
  • Blood Pressure
  • Heart Conditions
  • Stroke Survivors
  • Props
  • Asanas
  • Student Sequence


Weekend 12 of the Yoga Teacher Training 

  • Practical Exam
  • Comprehensive Exam



$2,999 Early Bird. Pay more than one month prior to yoga teacher training begin.
$3,500 Regular Tuition. Pay within one month of yoga teacher training begin.
$3,500 Payment Plan requires $1,750 deposit followed by installment payments. Note that the entire tuition must be paid in full before the beging of the Yoga Instructor Training Course.

The Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Training Tuition includes your study guide and access to the Yoga Videos and various Yoga Lectures on the Urban Bliss School of Yoga Teacher’s section of our website. We strongly recommend reviewing these videos and lectures prior to beginning this therapeutic yoga teacher training.
You will receive you manual and access to the student site once the tuition is paid in full.

We recommend to pay your tuition as soon as possible as experience shows that students who receive their manual and have access to the student portal prior to the Yoga Instructor Training begin are better prepared and their learning experience is greater.

When you are ready to register for our 300 Hour Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Training, please click to fill out the Yoga Teacher Training Application and then proceed to the payment page for the Yoga Instructor Training in your city and pay the tuition.
All payments made to Urban Bliss Yoga are non-refundable.


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Early Bird Pricing: $2,999
Regular Pricing: $3,500

Prerequisite: 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training ONLY if you are looking to get accredited by the Yoga Alliance.

300 Hour Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Training


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