Delvys Cardenas

“This is the real secret of life — to be completely engaged with what you are doing in the here and now. And instead of calling it work, realize it is play.” — Alan Watts


Delvys Cardenas is a young Zen philosopher, writer, & poet best known as an interpreter of spiritual philosophies & eastern mysticism. Born in Miami Florida, Delvys has been exploring meditation, science & studying non-dualistic philosophy & literature since childhood. Exploring Zen Buddhism, Hinduism, Religious naturalism, Taoism, Quantum Physics, Biology and many other philosophies & sciences, Delvys’ strives to weave together spiritual concepts and physical science to find common-ground for what was once believed to be opposites. Delvys is currently attending St. Thomas University where he works toward his goal of obtaining a phD in Psychology & Philosophy which will serve as a foundation for his larger purpose of creating a comprehensive world view based on new mechanistic science & non-duality.

Delvys has mastered the art of meditation & received permission to instruct in Mindfulness Practice & Mindfulness living by Zen master Rosa Thay as a Novice teacher.

Delvys studied under Elizabeth Hoffmann, Director of Urban Bliss School of Yoga, in the ancient science of yoga and obtained his 200 hour Vinyasa Based Teacher Training as well as his 300 hour – RYT in Holistic Yoga therapy through her school.

Delvys has a wonderful life partner (Pauline) who is an endless source of inspiration and is the biggest blessing in his life.

He is ultimately a man of passion and peace.

Love & Wisdom -Delvys

Delvys Cardenas Yoga Teacher Trainer for Urban Bliss Yoga

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