Mission Statement

Mission Statement


Urban Bliss was formed to help people find their authentic selves in this urban world in which we live.

Through yoga practice, meditation, faith in God and community service we reach out to our teachers/students and teach to trust themselves and the process.

Our 200 hour teacher training is an in-depth look at the History and Philosophy of Yoga, Human Anatomy, Energetic Anatomy, Teaching Methodology and Community Service.

We teach our teachers/students to practice Ahimsa and to understand that we are the changes of this world and need to act accordingly.

We strive to teach our teachers/students how important the foods they eat are and how important it is to respect the earth on which we live so we can leave a beautiful planet for our children.

We strive to teach our teachers/students to let go and let God.

We strive to teach our teachers/students that love is who we are and that we need to share this thought with those who think less of themselves.

We strive to teach our teachers/students to have a daily Sadhna, have daily practice or discipline so that they can have some peace and be able to give their minds and body the daily nourishment it needs and to connect to God on a daily basis.

We teach our teachers/students that there is no lack and that we live in an abundant universe that is giving to all.

We encourage our teachers/students to find their edges no matter how rough and uncomfortable they might be, so that they can grow.

We teach that Yoga is not just a physical workout, it’s so much more!

We teach that Yoga is Yoga is about union and consciousness.

Urban Bliss teaches that we can find “Bliss Absolute” in this Urban World.

Sat Nam


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