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Before deciding on a Yoga Teacher Training School or another, it is strongly suggested to research the schools in question by talking to former students of those Yoga Schools that went through their Yoga Teacher Training, reading the testimonials and reviews of the yoga schools which you are researching.
We make your research for the best yoga teacher training easy by providing you the link to the social credentialing website on where you can read testimonials and reviews of former Urban Bliss Yoga Teacher Training students.
Since 2006 Urban Bliss has certified hundreds of yoga students, however the Yoga Alliance only implemented their social credentialing system in the middle of 2014 with the introduction of their new website. This is why only testimonials and reviews from 2014 forward are reflected on the Yoga Alliance website.
We will gladly provide you with contact information of former students  should you like to interview them about their experience in our Yoga Teacher Training.

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Urban Bliss Yoga Teacher Training Testimonials & Reviews

5 out of 5 based on 18 ratings. 18 user reviews.
"A spiritual teacher reflects your soul, the more effective the teacher, the clearer the reflection. Lizzy is an exceptionally effective teacher. I began the course with minimal yoga asana practice; however, I have been meditating for many years and working in India as a visiting professor. I was ambivalent about taking the course as I was a 56 year-old, overweight man with minimal flexibility. Lizzy assured me that I would be welcome and that she would work with me. After completing the course, I went to a new yoga studio yesterday. The teacher asked me if I had done yoga before and I told her “some.” At the end of class, she looked over to me and said, “You’ve done more than some yoga!” I told her that I had completed the RYT 200 program. She told me that by the second asana she knew something was up; no man was normally that flexible. Lizzy’s course was transformational for me far beyond the body, however. I have noticed that as soon as a negative feeling such as anger or depression arises, I become aware of it. I then know I have a choice to continue with it or let it pass. Less importantly, I’ve noticed the same with my body. If tension is being held anywhere, I notice that and also have a choice to relax. I plan to continue with her to the next 300 hour program."


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